Chainsaw Man Manga Chapter 71 : Bath

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Denji wakes up one morning in bed with Power lying on his chest. He is greeted by Aki, who is preparing breakfast. Denji comments on Power's screaming throughout the night before mentioning Aki's arm - one of which was reattached after the Dark Devil's attack. Aki informs him that he was lucky because Angel Devil lost both hands while Beam and Violence Fiend died and Kobeni resigned. When Aki mentions Power's newfound fear of the dark, she suddenly jolts awake, crying and screaming.Denji lies on top of the Force and holds her back as she tries to claw at her own mouth. She asks Denji to look into her mouth, fearing the dark devil that hides inside. She clutched Denji and began to cry in fear of the dark devil as Denji suggested they have breakfast. Shortly after, when Power starts throwing up vegetables, Aki comments to Maki, who decides to continue on her way.In a flashback, Makima and Denji are shown sharing a meal and discussing the aftermath of the conflict. After a brief conversation about Aki, Makima invited Denji to go on a trip with her, to which he responded with intense excitement. However, he stopped suddenly as he remembered Power, worried about leaving her and Aki alone when they were both in such fragile states. Makima suggested leaving Power at the public security facility because it made Denji nervous. Back in the present, Aki wonders why he decided to stay in the end. Denji looked at the two and slowly replied that he wasn't sure.Throughout the day, Power interrupts Denji at inconvenient times, constantly asking him to check for Darkness Devil hiding in various places. She later asks him to take a bath with her to keep her safe. They both shower while Power keeps sobbing about being attacked from behind. As the two climb into the bathtub and lie down together, Denji is surprised that despite the intimacy of their act, it doesn't feel like sex in any way. Later, as the trio prepares for bed, Aki suggests sleeping in shifts to take care of Power. That night, Power wakes Denji up and silently begs him not to hate her for missing his trip. Power instead apologizes for hitting him with a car and offers to let him drink blood in return. Although Denji is initially uninterested, Power begins to scream and cry, causing him to surrender. As he begins to drink the blood from her neck, he thinks of Pochita and how despite having a close relationship with Power, he does nothing about it. feel romantic or sexual. Denji has come to the conclusion that some things are better not known or understood, so he returns to the door in his nightmares, choosing to keep it closed.