Chainsaw Man Manga Chapter 70 : Pinch

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While Denji is being treated with the doll's blood, Santa Claus begins to threaten him, revealing that he has armies of dolls spread across the planet, and together with the power of the Devil of Darkness, will be able to hunt him and everyone he cares about forever. Denji smugly reminds her of his immortality before Quanxi suddenly beheads him. Quanxi asks Cosmo, who has been wandering around town alone during most of the events, to use her powers on Santa Claus.In her own mind, Santa Claus suddenly wakes up and stands in the endless library. She sees Cosmo sitting at a nearby table and comments on the futility of using psychological attacks against her due to her mind being linked to dolls around the world. Cosmo looked up and introduced herself as Cosmo the Devil before explaining the extent of her power: The ability to grant individuals complete and utter understanding of everything in the universe; a process so overwhelming that the user/victim is forced into a semi-conscious state where they are only able to process the word Halloween until their death. When Santa Claus suddenly finds herself falling through the library, her body is shown in the real world, crumpled to dust as she mutters the word "Halloween" over and over.Yoshida and Kishibe suddenly arrive as Quanxi turns to fight them. The two silently put on their blindfolds as Makima appeared between them with a sword. Quanxi immediately surrenders and offers Makima anything in exchange for sparing Cosmo and Tsugihagi's lives. Makima ignores their pleas before cutting off their heads. Elsewhere, a news anchor reports on dolls scattered around the world that have all been locked into saying "Halloween" as a result of the Cosmos Devil's power. Aldo can be seen among them, also shuffling and repeating "Halloween", with pain in his eyes. Back at the main venue, Yoshida removes the blindfold. When asked why Kishibe doesn't do the same, he replies that he "[doesn't] want to see the thing".