Chainsaw Man Manga Chapter 72 : All Together

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Aki informs Denji and Power of his plans to visit Hokkaido to visit his family grave. Denji and Power both protest that they were left behind because their previous trip was canceled and Power has largely calmed down since the Darkness Devil incident. Aki surrenders as the trio leaves Meowy with Kishibe.The three are shown aboard a train, where Denji and Power are fighting over snacks while Aki tries to calm them down. They are then shown aboard a ferry, on which Power gets seasick. Eventually, on the bus, Power starts using the handles to swing and kick. Denji and Power walk to the grave and throw snowballs at Aki. After arriving at the family grave, Aki begins to pray. Noticing the disappearance of Denji and Power, he sees them eating the rotten offerings left on the graves when they stole them from a group of crows. Suddenly. Power regurgitates the food before exclaiming that it was a plot by the Devil of Darkness. Aki sighs in exasperation. Later at the inn, the three of them eat dinner. Power complains about the amount of vegetables and moves them to other plates before realizing that there is little food left for her. Instead, she takes Denji's arm and bites it, drinking his blood and causing another fight. Aki sighs in exasperation again. That night, Denji woke up to find Aki sitting and looking out the window at the snow. When Aki joins him, he notes that he visits the grave every year and is usually unhappy, but the two of them managed to distract him the whole time.Back in Tokyo, Kishibe returns Meowy to Aki. When asked about the route, Kishibe comments on the difficulty of controlling Denji and Power. Aki replies that the pair have grown up a lot, with Denji following Aki's orders and Power no longer throwing vegetables. He then asks if Division 4 could be removed from the Gun Devil hunt, surprising Kishibe. Kishibe reminds him of the security measures that are taken before the hunt, as well as the fact that the mission will be classified, meaning Aki will never know its outcome unless he is directly involved. Aki still agrees. When Aki questions why he changed his mind, he recalls Denji and Power's unconscious and injured bodies in Hell before replying "I have cold feet".That evening, Aki returns home to find Denji and Power preparing dinner for him. Denji noticed the strange purple root and commented that Power had probably added some unknown "secret ingredients". As Denji and Power brag about the effort they put into the food, Aki takes a bite and immediately vomits. Power happily calls the dish "Catastrophe" as Denji comments on the fact that all three are now throwing up.