Chainsaw Man Manga Chapter 162

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Nail Fiend tries to buy some time with Quanxi by asking her about her beauty while Katana Man charges and Asa/Yoru prepares. Devil fires nails at the Crossbow Hybrid, but his attack is blocked by her. Katana Man's attack also seems to be ineffective as his strike immediately cuts off his head. Haruka accidentally drops Denji when Yoru picks up a scalpel to use as a sword, but is immediately knocked down by Quanxi. Nail Fiend takes a critical hit to the gut as Nobana screams in terror and holds Denji's severed head in defense. Quanxi tries to shoot him down, but stops the attack the moment he notices Denji's face.

Her accomplice yells at her to continue her attack, but she reveals that she was warned by an old friend not to harm Denji. This causes Takagi to snap that he can't trust any of the Public Security Division. He tries to threaten Quanxi by kicking her girlfriends' bodies into a ditch instead of handing them to her if she disobeys him, but before he can think any further, the agent is knocked down by his Fire Devil-transformed wife.

Nail Fiend muses that Katana Man destroyed the door that contained her, only for the woman to start eating her husband's corpse. Quanxi admits defeat and asks to be killed, regenerating as Chainsaw Man. The surgeons, probably tired of having to deal with the danger posed by Public Safety, pretend not to hear anything. Yoru asks Quanxi if Chainsaw Man is stronger than her, to which she replies that he is weaker but much scarier than her. Whether Yoru knocks her down or not remains to be seen.