Chainsaw Man Manga Chapter 161

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Denji's surgeons finish their duties and when they hear that there are intruders, they decide to take a break. Asa and company barge in and threaten the surgeons to stand aside and let them through or they're dead. One of the surgeons points to the boxes and shows that Denji was completely cut up, much to Yora's dismay. The surgeon demands an apology, which only Nobana is comfortable with. Yoru kicks over one of the boxes to reveal a hand, before ordering her group to assemble Chainsaw Man for her. Rescued from Yoru and the Public Security renegades, the group helps gather Denji; Nobana is able to find his heart, which leads to the head surgeon asking the three why they aren't helping him. Yoru points out his injury as Katana Man tells him that "jobs are for children". Haruka goes wild with joy as she holds her idol's guts while Seigi asks about the chainsaw man's genitalia. Katana Man responds rudely, joking about shoving it up Denji's ass, but Yoru dismisses his request; he wants it to be fully functional in their fight. Katana Man asks her if she can't take a joke and that she can't have any game, though War Devil replies that she doesn't need "game", just like romance is worthless and all she'll ever do is turn someone stupid. The Nail Fiend disagrees with Yoru's opinion on love and replies that it's fun to be a fool and that he probably doesn't understand love since he's still in high school, which makes Yoru nervous and shouts in response. Nobana discovers Denji's head, causing Haruka to rush to find out the Chainsaw Man's identity. In disbelief, he asks the surgeon if it's really his head, and then Asa reveals that the Chainsaw Man is none other than Denji. This causes Asa to react in shock, but before they can reattach his head, the opposite door flies open to reveal an unnamed Special Division 7 agent - a man assigned as Denji's bodyguard. He then orders his backup to kill all the intruders in the room, who turn out to be none other than Quanxi.