Chainsaw Man Manga Chapter 84 : Hero of Hell

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Chainsaw Man stands over a severed Hell Devil while one of the Devil Hunters gives blood to revive him. As he does so, a door opens above them and a hell devil hand emerges and crushes the man with the chainsaw and transports him to hell. Makima watches from a nearby building and comments on the outcome of Kishibe, who has a gun pointed at his head.Makima notes that shooting her would be pointless as she has an agreement with the Japanese Prime Minister to transfer all attacks against her to a random Japanese citizen. Makima questions why she remains calm even when the devil is chainsawed into Hell, she replies that he will come back to save her. Horrified, Kishibe asks Makima what he really is, to which she replies that he is a "Fan" of the Chainsaw Devil. As he continues to speak, scenes are shown of the chainsaw devil cutting his way through the various devils in Hell. He explains that in Hell the "Chainsaw Man" is known as the "Hero of Hell". When he hears a cry for help, a chainsaw fiend moves in and guts every fiend he faces, friend or foe. Makima then explains the chainsaw devil's ultimate power: Every devil it absorbs has its names—and thus its entire being—erased from existence. Faced with such an unstoppable adversary, all other devils either despise, fear, or worship the chainsaw devil.Kishibe expresses doubt that such a power could exist, however Makima counters by asking him what he knows about the Holocaust. It is then revealed that Kishibe, along with humanity as a whole, has no knowledge of Nazism. Makima goes on to explain that almost every major crisis that humanity has faced - World War II; AIDS; Nuclear weapons, etc. - were all wiped out of existence by the chainsaw devil. He further explains that universal constants such as humanity's Sixth Sense and "Four Possible Conclusions Other Than Death" at the end of life have also been erased. Makima explains, explaining that she doesn't remember those things either, though she does remember the fight between their devils and the chainsaw devil.Kishibe questions Makima about the devil's intentions and deduces that he desires to destroy the world. Makima instead reveals the true nature of her own ability: to control any being she believes to be inferior to herself. So if she defeated the devil with a chainsaw in battle, she would be able to control him and use his powers to create a world without pain, war and death. Kishibe asks what she would do if she lost and got eaten, to which she replies that as a Chainsaw Devil fan it would be a happy, honorable ending. Makima turns back to the window and notices the return of the chainsaw man as the door to hell opens again and the chainsaw fiend emerges covered in blood and organs.