Chainsaw Man Manga Chapter 85 : Bloody Good Gut Feeling

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Kishibe continues his feud with Makima. Looking at her, she warns him to back off as he turns and prepares to face the man with the chainsaw. In an instant, Chainsaw Man breaks through the wall and cuts Maki to pieces before turning to look at Kishibe. Suddenly Chainsaw Man hears someone somewhere say the words 'Save me' and immediately leaves.Elsewhere in a burger restaurant, a group of employees sing and dance to an irritated customer. Kobeni, now an employee there, delivers food to their table and tries to awkwardly dance together. She is taken aside by her boss, who reprimands her for her forced smile and word ticking as she says “ah!” and slaps her across the face. Kobeni quietly mutters "Save me" as more staff joins. The staff suddenly turned to see a chainsaw looming above them and greeted Kobeni "Vah!"The customer tries to escape, but is promptly decapitated with a chainsaw. Pochita looks at the restaurant's menu and remembers Denji's earlier request that he would like to try the burgers. He sits at a nearby table and tries to order a hamburger while speaking through a series of chainsaw revolutions. The restaurant's mascot is decapitated while trying to contact the Devil Hunters. Kobeni and the rest of the staff suddenly decipher Pochita's turns and begin to prepare his orders, singing and dancing with utter panic on everyone's faces. A man with a chainsaw moves his hands and shuffles in time with their dance. Kobeni is ordered to deliver food to his table, but when she does, she trips and spills it all over her body.Kobeni looked up at the annoyed chainsaw man and asked for another burger as the staff repeated their dance, now with tears streaming down their faces. Kobeni's boss starts yelling at her and blaming her for their deaths before beheading them as well. When Kobeni tries to deliver the order again, he trips again and spills the food just like the first time. As he lays on the floor, he starts wailing and screaming.