Chainsaw Man Manga Chapter 46 : Massacre Melody

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Before Reze can attack, two Hunters - Kato and Tanabe - use an unknown demonic ability to grow a fungus in her heart and intestines, stunning her as she coughs up blood. They comment that the mold will continue to grow even as it regenerates, as the couple plans to stop it until it is consumed. In retaliation, Reze fires a blast at his own head and decapitates himself. Reze's ever-moving torso snaps its head at the Devil Hunter. As the head says "Boom", it releases a sudden blast and transforms into a fully formed Bomb Hybrid.>While the Hunters are distracted by the attack, the hull runs towards them. Nomo tries to stop it by using Fox Devil to attack, but the hull dodges and grabs him before exploding. Numerous Hunters are seen dead as the reformed Reze continues the attack, blasting the survivors. Nomo, who survived the explosion on him, tries to attack again, but Reze dodges every hit. However, before she can execute him, the 2nd Division lieutenant appears and summons Kon to swallow her. However, this success was in vain as Kon quickly disappeared, leaving Reze to continue his attack.Meanwhile, Aki prepares to push Angel Devil and the unconscious Denji and Beam out of the building. Aki orders Angel Devil to give blood to Denji, to which Angel Devil reluctantly complies. Before they can begin, Aki complains about the unknown vision he received from the Future Devil. Before the car can start, Reze appears in front of the vehicle clutching the severed heads of Nom and the lieutenant.