Chainsaw Man Manga Chapter 45 : A Fine Day For Explosions

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Beam, who is holding Denji, tries to flee from Reze, but is able to use powerful explosive blasts to throw herself in front of him and block his path. He offers to let him go in exchange for Denji, but Beam growls and transforms into a giant shark-headed creature. With little effort, Reze touches his face, blasting him and knocking him to the ground.A trio of private Devil Hunters appear and report the situation over the radio. Reze snapped her fingers and exploded all three of them before turning to notice that Beam had run off with Denji.Nearby, at the 2nd Division training facility, Aki grapples with several hunters. One hunter, Nomo, thanks him for his training before asking him to work for them, promising him a high position in 5 years. As they leave, Angel Devil asks Aki why he didn't mention his short life span, revealing that he was informed by the Force. Angel Devil calls Aki lucky and reveals his desire to die to avoid exertion. Suddenly, Nomo rushes around the corner and asks them for help.At the entrance, they see a badly injured Beam clutching Denji's torn body. Beam informs Aki that the Bomb Hybrid is approaching and reveals that Bomb Devil is Gun Devil's partner. When Aki questions why he knows this information, Beam reveals that he promised Makima not to tell on pain of death.Nomo notices a young girl - Reze in human form - approaching the building. She asks them for help, claiming to be possessed by the devil, but Nomo notices a wide smile on her face. As Denji and Beam move, Nomo notes that Reze looks familiar and asks Aki if she recognizes her. Noticing that they just won't let her in, Reze prepares to pull the pin around her neck, remarking that she'll have to massacre them instead.