Chainsaw Man Manga Chapter 14 : French Kiss

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The group approaches the hotel. Denji and Power begin verbally harassing Aki, but he calms them down when he offers them both gum for silence. Arai expresses disbelief at Denji and Power's presence, but Aki assures him that they are only there to help kill the devil, and if one of them steps out of line, they will be killed. Aki and Denji start arguing and complaining. To ease the tension, Himeno promises to kiss whoever kills the devil on the cheek. Arai is shocked, but Denji refuses, thinking back to Maki as his motivation, stating that sex and relationships are only fulfilling when one is interested in the other. Himeno playfully brushes him off and promises him a French kiss if he kills the devil, to which Denji reacts excitedly.The group moves through the corridors and Denji and Arai start arguing. Aki and Himeno discuss the other team members and lament the high probability of their deaths. Himeno orders Aki not to die.A flashback shows Aki being introduced to Himeno, next to her old partner's grave. Himeno explains that her previous six partners died and orders Aki not to do the same.In the presence of Himeno, he feels a close presence. The door to the room opens and a small demonic creature walks out.