Chainsaw Man Manga Chapter 13 : Gun Devil

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Shocked by Makima's offer to grant any wish, Denji questions the Gun Devil's power.Makima explains that 13 years ago, due to the excessive use of guns and firearms in devil hunting and the wider world, the fear of guns began to rise. On the day of a major terrorist incident in the US, Gun Devil suddenly appeared.A flashback scene shows a young boy reading with his parents. His older brother asks to play with him in the snow. When they go outside, the older brother demands that the young boy Taiyo put on his gloves. When Taiyo re-enters the house, both he and the building are immediately destroyed by Gun Devil's blast.The flashback continues to show the length of Gun Devil's attacks on each nation, revealing the millions killed worldwide in less than 5 minutes.Back in the present, Makima explains that the Gun Devil has been missing ever since, leading to a worldwide ban on all firearms, as well as an increase in the power of all devils due to the increased atmosphere of fear. Denji admits that he struggled to follow Makima's story, but confidently declares that he will defeat Gun Devil anyway.Makima explains that small pieces of Gun Devil's body were left as remnants after his attack, and by retrieving these pieces and putting them back together, Gun Devil can be re-summoned and permanently killed. The scene cuts to Aki and Himeno retrieving a piece of the devil weapon, revealing that the older brother in the flashback was Aki.Denji, along with several other hunters such as Aki, Power, and Himeno, are instructed to hunt down a powerful devil at the nearby Morin Hotel who is believed to have consumed a devil weapon fragment.