Chainsaw Man Manga Chapter 144 : Guns,Malls,Katana

Chainsaw Man Manga Chapter 144     chainsaw-man-144-1 chainsaw-man-144-2 chainsaw-man-144-3 chainsaw-man-144-4 chainsaw-man-144-5 chainsaw-man-144-6 chainsaw-man-144-7 chainsaw-man-144-8 chainsaw-man-144-9 chainsaw-man-144-10 chainsaw-man-144-11 chainsaw-man-144-12 chainsaw-man-144-13 chainsaw-man-144-14


Denji, Aki and Power are tasked with a new mission: to protect the mall from a group of gun-wielding devils. The group is led by a powerful devil named Katana Man who has the ability to create and wield katana swords. Denji and his team arrive at the mall to find it already under attack. Devils with guns shoot at shoppers and cause mayhem. Denji transforms into a man with a chainsaw and engages in battle with the Katana man. Katana Man is a formidable opponent, but Denji can hold his own. The two trades blow back and forth with neither side able to gain an advantage. Meanwhile, Aki and Power try to protect the shoppers from other gun-toting devils. Aki uses her Fox Devil abilities to create illusions and distract devils. The Force uses her Blood Devil abilities to harden her blood into weapons and attack the Devil. Despite their best efforts, Aki and Power are overwhelmed by the number of demons. Just when all seems lost, Denji arrives and defeats Katana Man. When Katana Man is defeated, the other devils flee with weapons. Denji, Aki and Power saved the mall and the shoppers. However, the chapter ends on a cliffhanger. Denji is approached by a mysterious stranger who tells him he is his father.