Chainsaw Man Manga Chapter 143 : Rawr

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The chapter opens with the Spear Hybrid, Longsword Hybrid, and Whip Hybrid preparing to attack the Chainsaw Man Church. The Spear Hybrid tells them that their goal is to make people scream as loud as possible while killing them and to target women and children.At the Chainsaw Man Church, an elderly member of the Church is watching news coverage of the attack on the food court. He explains that if the church's weapons are discovered in the basement of the building, the organization will be charged with treason.Meanwhile, Quanxi arrives at the church and ambushes three Hybrids. He decapitates the Spear Hybrid and Whip Hybrid before they can properly transform, then kills the Hybrid with the Longsword after they transform.Quanxi reports to his superiors that the mission was successful and that Special Division 7 should be sent to the Chainsaw Man Church 20 minutes after the first bit of media.The chapter ends with a report falsely claiming that the attack on the food court was caused by gunmen and that both the police and public security would attack the Chainsaw Man Church.Chapter Notes:This chapter is very short, but it is significant as it marks the return of Quanxi and the beginning of a potential conflict between the Church of Chainsaw Man and Public Safety.The chapter also foreshadows the discovery of the church's weapons, which could have serious consequences for the organization.Overall, this chapter is an exciting and interesting start to the new arc of the Chainsaw Man manga.Additional notes:The chapter title "Rawr" is a reference to the noise that dinosaurs make in popular culture. This could be a foreshadowing of the violence and chaos to come in the following chapters.The chapter also features a brief cameo appearance by Aki Hayakawa, who now works as a public safety devil hunter. This is Aki's first appearance in the manga since his death in chapter 97.