Chainsaw Man Manga Chapter 139 : A Chair's Feelings

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The chapter opens with Denji and Fumiko Mifune, his new bodyguard, going to school. Denji is still confused as to why Fumiko saved him from the man with the model gun in the previous chapter. Fumiko explains that she is a public security officer assigned to protect Denji. He says that someone knows his secret identity as the Chainsaw Man and is sending assassins on him.
Denji is then introduced to Sword Man, a new transfer student who claims to be a Sword Devil. Sword Man says that he was once under Makima's control, but has since escaped and is now looking for a new master. Denji is suspicious of Sword Man, but Fumiko tells him that he is a member of the Weapon Hybrids, a group of devil hunters who are affiliated with the church.
Later that day, Denji and Sword Man are walking home from school when they are attacked by a group of thugs. Denji transforms into a man with a chainsaw and easily defeats the thugs. Sword Man is impressed by Denji's strength and offers him a position in the Weapon Hybrides. Denji refuses, saying he's done fighting.
The chapter ends with Denji, Fumiko, and Sword Man sitting on a park bench. Denji says he is happy with his life now and doesn't want to change anything. Sword Man says he understands, but warns Denji that if he doesn't join them, he will be targeted by the Weapon Hybrids.
Here are some more details from the chapter:

Denji is still trying to come to terms with his new identity as a man with a chainsaw. He fears what he might do if he loses control of his power.
Fumiko is a kind and caring person who is determined to protect Denji. She is also a skilled fighter and is not afraid to use her strength to protect Denji.
Sword Man is a mysterious character with a dark past. He is powerful and skilled, but also ruthless and ambitious. It is unclear what his true intentions are.
Overall, Chainsaw Man Manga Chapter 139 is a good chapter that sets up the next arc of the story. It introduces new characters like Sword Man and Fumiko and raises some interesting questions about Denji's future. I look forward to seeing what happens next!