Chainsaw Man's Anime Pushes Manga Sales to New Heights

Chainsaw Man's Anime Pushes Manga Sales to New Heights     download-38

 The first season of Chainsaw Man confused countless anime fans in the world of Denji and his dreams of three square meals a day, keeping a roof over his head, and eventually getting a girlfriend. Harnessing the power of the Chainsaw Devil by teaming up with his loyal pooch Pochita, the anime adaptation of MAPPA has helped propel sales of Tatsuki Fujimoto's manga to new heights, as a new report confirms how many copies of the print story are currently in circulation worldwide. .

The Chainsaw Man manga is quite a bit ahead of the current events of the anime adaptation, with over a hundred chapters covering the first major story in which Denji is the main character. In the current second installment of the gory Shonen series, Asa Mitaka's diabolical tale sees a new protagonist take over, a young high school girl who finds herself making a deal with a war devil and is sent on a journey that will eventually see her fight against Denji. With Denji's life changing astronomically as the first chapters of the series close, creator Tatsuki Fujimoto definitely makes this manga quite unpredictable.

Money for a chainsaw

According to Ametalk! A television program in Japan, there are currently twenty million copies of Chainsaw Man in existence worldwide, with the manga circulation impressive considering the fact that there are only a dozen volumes that helped tell the story of both Denji and Asa.

When we last left Denji in the anime adaptation of Chainsaw Man, he joined several devil hunters to fight the Infinity Devil, a supernatural threat that has taken over the hotel and trapped our Shonen heroes in an environment from which there is no escape and is their greatest danger. maybe starve to death. Currently, Studio MAPPA apparently has six more episodes set to release within the first season of Chainsaw Man, which means we're already halfway through the initial release of the anime adaptation. While MAPPA has yet to confirm a second season, it would be hard to think that the show's popularity won't see anything new.