Chainsaw Man's Makima Is Dropping an Album Next Year

Chainsaw Man's Makima Is Dropping an Album Next Year     download-28

 Chainsaw Man has become one of this year's top anime series and its cast is now heard around the world. While dubs vary from country to country, the Japanese dub of Chainsaw Man remains one of the best. Stars like Tomori Kusunoki live large thanks to their role in the show. And now it seems that Makima's voice actor is ready to branch out with his own album.

On her 23rd birthday, Kusunoki surprised fans at a show in Tokyo with the news of her first full-length album. According to the singer and actress, they plan to release the full album in May 2023. The release will be combined with a concert tour in Japan. So if you want to support Makima's VA, you'll definitely want to check out their full album next summer.

Of course, fans outside of Chainsaw Man will want to hear the album as well. Kusunoki may be best known these days for voicing Maki, but their music careers have exploded in the past few years. After establishing herself in the anime, the singer released her first single in August 2019. Since then, Kusunoki have released four EPs and their tracks regularly chart on Japan's Oricon.

As for their anime work, Kusunoki continues to dominate with her vocals. You can hear the actress in Sword Art Online as Llenn and Love Live! Nijigasaki High School Idol Club as Setsuna. After debuting in the industry in 2017, Kusunoki was hailed as one of the best new anime actresses. And come 2023, fans can expect to hear Kusunoki's voice in series like Spy Classroom and Chained Soldier.