Chainsaw Man Manga Chapter 126 : Food Fight

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In Chapter 126 of Chainsaw Man, we see Denji and the other members of the Public Safety Devil Hunters enjoying a meal together after their successful mission. However, the peaceful atmosphere is disturbed when Aki and Power fight over food. The argument quickly escalates into a full-fledged food fight, with all members of the group joining in.The food fight scene is full of action and humor as the characters use their devilish powers to create various food-based weapons and throw them at each other. The artwork is particularly impressive in this chapter, with detailed depictions of food and demonic powers.While the food fight may seem like a hilarious and fun scene, it also serves as a reminder of the bond that has formed between the members of the Public Safety Devil Hunters. Despite their differences and past conflicts, they are now a tight-knit group who can enjoy each other's company and let loose once in a while.All in all, Chapter 126 of Chainsaw Man is a fun and entertaining read that features the series' unique combination of action, humor, and character development.