Chainsaw Man Grants Denji a Wild New Ability For The Season Finale

Chainsaw Man Grants Denji a Wild New Ability For The Season Finale     download-27

 The first season of Chainsaw Man ended with Denji fighting one of his bloodiest battles to date, using every trick at his disposal in an attempt to take down Katana Man once and for all. Fortunately for the chainsaw devil, he has a new trick that could save his life and change his future for the better. While MAPPA has yet to confirm that a second season is on the way, the popularity of the anime series makes it seem like a foregone conclusion that Denji will return.

Denji's fusion with his beloved dog Pochita not only allows him to have chainsaw blades blasted out of his head and arms, but also makes him nearly immortal as he can lose limbs, be split in half, and generally get wild amounts of damage. damage. Should Denji manage to drink blood, he can quickly heal himself from any damage he takes, which is unfortunately a similar power to Katana Man. As Denji had his heart replaced by Pochita, a similar thing happened to Katana Man, creating a dark reflection of the Shonen protagonist, and during their duel, Denji was able to defeat his opponent with the force. that the devil didn't have

Chainsaw legs

During their fight in the subway car, Denji's arms are cut off by Katana Man along with the blade protruding from his head. Luckily for the chainsaw fiend, he has extra blades at his disposal as Denji is able to chop his opponent right down the middle with his legs, making for a rather surprising ending to the confrontation.


Currently, Studio MAPPA has yet to confirm that a second season of Chainsaw Man is on the way, although considering the popularity of its anime adaptation, as well as a lot of manga material that has yet to be adapted, it's a safe bet. that it will only be a matter of time before Denji and his fellow devil hunters return to the small screen. For those who haven't followed the manga, rest assured there will be more bloody battles and hilarious moments to come.