Chainsaw Man Cosplay Recreates Aki's Best Season One Scene

Chainsaw Man Cosplay Recreates Aki's Best Season One Scene     chainsaw-man-aki-fox-devil-contract-anime

 Chainsaw Man may be done with its first season, but that's not stopping fans from celebrating the series. Tatsuki Fujimoto's hit manga was released on TV last year, and the fall edition has earned praise from fans around the world. MAPPA studio delivered their animations week after week and the Aki fandom company made a new thirst trap. And now one fan has gone viral for recreating one of the character's most iconic moments from season one.


This piece comes courtesy of TikTok user geheichou, as you can see below. The fan has done a number of cosplays and of course all fans were for their take on Chainsaw Man. Netizens seem to have been most obsessed with Aki's fandom, so of course they jumped on the TikTok transformation trend... and you only have to watch their video to see why we stand that way.

After all, geheichou puts together an excellent cosplay that matches Aki. From their costume to their wig style and beyond, their version of Aki looks like it was pulled from a TV screen. However, the thing that seals the deal if their look at Aki's derp face. Fans went wild when the first season shared a hilarious still of Aki with her clumsily breaking a hunter's chin. So naturally, geheichou recreated the look in real life for fans.


Obviously, this cosplayer is an Aki fan through and through, just like the rest of us. Hopefully they can show Devil Hunters whenever the second season comes around. At this time, MAPPA has not said anything official about the show's return, but the popularity of the first season has everyone hoping that more episodes are on the way!