Chainsaw Man Clip Gives Makima a Gorgeous CG Makeover

Chainsaw Man Clip Gives Makima a Gorgeous CG Makeover     chainsaw-man-episode-5-makima-anime

 Of the many characters introduced in the first season of the Chainsaw Man anime adaptation, Makima still has the most mystery surrounding him, as the leader of the Devil Hunting organization has shown that he is much more than just a human. While fans wait for news on the second season of the popular MAPPA production, one fan decided to imagine what Makima might have looked like as a CGI transformation as anime fans continue to speculate about the Devil Hunter's true motivations and abilities.


Makima had some important moments in the first season of Chainsaw Man, with the anime showing her control over Denji while also revealing that she is far from your normal human being. When Denji and his company were attacked by Katana Man and Serpent Devil, Makima was caught in the crossfire and was shot several times. Makima mysteriously awakens back to life and takes terrifying revenge on her opponents, the following episode sees the leader of the Devil Hunters go to extreme lengths to make sure her subordinates are safe and sound. If Chainsaw Man gets a second season, expect more mysteries surrounding Makima to be revealed.

Makima Chainsaw

One Tik Tok Animator showed off his skills when it came to reimagining Makima's look using the new platform, with Chainsaw Man capturing the mystery and menace of the character currently pulling Denji's strings as he puts him in the path of the Weapon Devil:

CG animation is not new to the anime medium, with even Chainsaw Man using this style for some of his battles, with Denji's evil alternate self often using the animation technique. Since Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero uses all computer-generated animation to bring the Shonen heroes to life, it will be interesting to see how this style is used in the future of the medium. Studio MAPPA has quite a few projects on the horizon, and it's clear that the animation house will continue to use cg animation to bring some of its properties to life.