Chainsaw Man Cliffhanger Revives a Difficult Devil

Chainsaw Man Cliffhanger Revives a Difficult Devil     chainsaw-man-denji-anime

 Chainsaw Man has been through a lot and Denji has a lot to face before his story wraps up. These days, the anime is keeping fans on edge as the first season draws to a close, but the manga is holding its own as always. Tatsuki Fujimoto just showed off a wild new arc with his latest chapter. It's not every day that a devil is resurrected, but it seems that a familiar enemy has just found its way back into Denji's life.

The whole thing was revealed in Chapter 113 of Chainsaw Man for those who are catching up. The chapter checks on Denji as he goes on a date with Asa, the current wielder of the Devil of Justice. He wants to make Denji a tool, but to do that, he must first fall in love with Asa. However, the date ends up being a wash and ends with the promise of the return of the Eternity Devil.


Yes, that is correct. It seems that the Eternity Devil has somehow returned. Or at least there's a devil with the same abilities.

On the last page of chapter 113, Denji notes that a certain devil must return when he realizes that he is walking down a corridor that never ends. The hall is bound by some kind of local infinity, and this kind of spatial manipulation was the Eternity Devil's favorite. It looks like Denji believes the villain is back, but the question remains how.

After all, Chainsaw Man tortured the Eternity Devil into submission. During their fight, Denji wears the devil down by torturing him endlessly, and this leads the Eternity Devil to give his core to Denji. Now something seems to have gone wrong with the forfeit, and even Denji is convinced that the Eternity Devil is back for round two.