Chainsaw Man Manga Chapter 97 : I, Love, Chainsaw

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In the park, Kishibe sits on a bench drinking alcohol while Denji walks towards him, walking all 7 of Makima's dogs while Meowy sits on his head. Denji sits down next to Kishibe on the bench, letting some small children come and play with the dogs while Meowy moves to rest on top of Kishibe. A young girl approaches them and says 'Dogs!'Denji tells Kishibe that he ate all of Maki and that she didn't revive -- Neither in his stomach nor in the toilet. Kishibe then asks Denji how he killed her even though the attacks had no effect on her, to which Denji replies that he honestly didn't mean to hurt Makima and that eating Makima and uniting with her was not an attack. but rather love. Kishibe tells him that he probably just happened to find a way around her contract before asking Denji how he managed to attack Maki without her detecting him. Denji says that he figured out that Makima only sensed people through her sense of smell, rather than their face, and that he took a risk because of it; He bet Makima had only seen Chainsaw the entire time he'd known her and never really noticed him.A young girl approaches Cream Puff's pet, prompting Denji to tell her that he and Kishibe were having a top secret conversation and that she needs to defeat it, moving his hand to try to knock her away. A young girl approaches Denji before biting his index finger, quickly leading Denji to recognize her bite - It was the same as Makimino. The young girl looks up at Denji, showing him that her eyes also have the same target pattern as Maki's. Kishibe tells Denji that a young girl was recently discovered in China and that he stole her and brought her to Japan. She tells him that the young girl was not Makima, just a control devil, and that there were no memories of Makima in the girl. He says that if the young girl was left in the hands of the Japanese government, she would inevitably become like Makima again. Denji tells Kishibe that he really hasn't wanted to eat any meat in a while, before Kishibe ends by telling Denji that he'll leave the reborn Control Devil in his hands because he'll be really busy for the foreseeable future. . Denji and the young girl look down, ending with the girl pointing at Denji and saying "Doggy" and Denji looking away and starting to tell Kishibe that he wouldn't have married the girl when he realized the demon hunter had left.Denji asks the young girl what her name was when she jumped on one of the dogs, to which she replies that her name was Nayuta. Denji sighs and asks her if she would like something to eat that wasn't meat. She replies that she wanted to eat sliced ​​bread, prompting Denji to say that he's a pretty cheap devil to keep. Nayuta raises the V sign. Denji returns to his apartment, walking the dogs with him as Nayuta rides on his back, arms wrapped around his shoulders. At his apartment, the two eat sliced ​​bread before falling asleep, with Nayuta sleeping in Denji's futon while Denji sleeps directly on the floor, using one of the dogs as a pillow as he sleeps around his head. The other dogs are shown sleeping on the floor around the room.Denji begins to dream, the dog sleeping with him is replaced by Pochita in the dream as young Denji opens his eyes and holds Pochita as the two sit in the shed they lived in during Denji's time with the Yakuza. Pochita tells Denji that his dream was to be hugged because his strength made it hard for anyone to hug him. Pochita thanks Denji for making his dream come true. Pochita asks Denji if he could also fulfill the devil's dream -- the dream of building equal relationships with other people. Makima had this dream, but she couldn't fulfill it because she only knew relationships created by the power of fear, and because of that, the desire for something like a family grew. Despite this, she tried to fulfill this dream, although her steps towards it were unfair. Pochita tells Denji that he wanted him to fulfill Nayuta's dream, to which Denji asks Pochita how he was supposed to do it. Pochita says that it could be done by giving her a lot of hugs.Sometime in the future, a large, deformed devil rages through the streets of Tokyo as several dozen citizens flee from it. There are several rumors about Chainsaw Man: That he killed another devil, that killing devils was just his hobby, that he only saved girls, the question of whether he was really human, and that he was a high school student. Facing the crowd, Denji stands in his school uniform, facing the devil and pulling on his chest cord.