Chainsaw Man Manga Chapter 96 : This Kind of Taste

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Makima walks through the cemetery, passing various bodies of deceased Public Security members as he reaches down and takes a pack of cigarettes from the inside of his jacket. He pulls one out of the box and lights it, sits with his back to one of the grave markers, inhales the cigarette and coughs a few times. She presses the lit end of her cigarette to the ground, putting it out before picking Pochita up and telling him that this is the second time she's ever beaten him, and that she's hers now. She tells him that they would be together forever and that they would eat a lot together, sleep together and live a happy life together.A few feet behind Makima, Denji slowly rises from the pile of corpses and puts on an oversized public safety uniform. He walks over to Makima, and when he notices him, he pulls out a chainsaw and slices through her chest. Makima gasped, confused and shocked as blood poured from her torso and fell to her knees as Denji stood over her. Denji exclaims that Makima finally let her babysit and tells her that he would take Pochita back. He reaches down, picking Pochita up as he says that what he just did was dangerous and that he used up all the blood the Force gave him from their contract. Makima, now bleeding from the mouth and nose, asks how Denji was alive, to which Denji replies that she was actually fighting Pochita the whole time and that he had a vague memory of being able to fight just like Pochita.As Makima is still bleeding, Denji tells her that the chainsaw he cut her with was made from the blood he got from Power and he "expanded" it in her. Makima says 'This is barely enough...' to which Denji says he didn't believe he could actually kill her with such a cheap trick. A van pulls up behind Denji, leading him to exclaim in joy that Kishibe has picked them up there. He tells Makima he's sorry before pointing the chainsaw at her. A shot from Tokyo is shown where various citizens are shown going about their day as they would normally go about like two small children, a few adults on the subway, and a few citizens walking down the street. The scene fades to night and the exterior of a dilapidated apartment building is shown with Kishibe's van parked outside. Kishibe complains that his back hurts before asking Denji if he's ready, the two standing in one of the one-room apartments as Denji says he was and that he was beaten. Kishibe tells Denji that from now on it was all up to him personally. She tells him that innocent people were dying during the speech and that it would be best if Denji could finish as quickly as possible, even though it wasn't really a process that could be sped up. Denji says he would go at his own pace. Kishibe then tells him one last thing; He didn't believe that what Denji was about to do would actually kill Maki and that he should be prepared for failure and death. Denji tells him that he came up with the idea himself, so he was already prepared. Kishibe leaves as he tells Denji that he would come back if he was alive and tells him not to die because out of everyone he had ever met, Denji was the most suited to be a Devil Hunter.The door to the apartment closes as Denji talks to himself, wondering what Kishibe just said before he sighs and walks over to the fridge, muttering that he's hungry. He pulls out a small box from the fridge, the fridge is full of various tied boxes as Denji says that even after everything that happened, he still loved Maki. She starts cooking, chopping onions and frying the pieces, saying that she can't forgive Makima after everyone she's killed. He says that would make him share the burden of her sins with her and asks himself how he would really do that. He toyed with the idea of ​​hitting her with a bomb and committing a double suicide before being confronted with the fact that the attacks had no effect on her, but he says that it was this fact that made him realize how to defeat her and become one . with her. Denji finishes preparing his meal, which consists of a small bowl of white rice, miso soup, and fried meat and onions. Denji performs the Itadakimasu before taking a sip of the miso soup and commenting that it was pretty good. He takes a bite of the ginger and onion fried meat and says it tasted good. He starts to take a bite of the rice when he notices that what he was tasting was what Makima liked.