Chainsaw Man Manga Chapter 91 : Power, Power, Power

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The Force stands in front of Makima and the zombified members of Public Safety with four arms wrapped around the chainsaw man's torso as he holds him in front of him. Makima asks Power to give her the chainsaw, she waits a moment while Power stands in silence before pushing Makima for an answer. In his head, Power looks back on his time with Denji and remembers when they first met, when he saved her from the Bat Devil, when they bathed together, and when they gave Aki the food they cooked together.The bloody weapons shoot out from inside Makima, forcing her to her knees as Power runs off with Chainsaw, screaming and asking the air why he won't listen to Makima, even though victory was impossible. She runs into two demon hunters who summon the Mantis Devil, with one of her arms shooting out of the ground and slicing her in the side before killing them, and she stumbles as a horde of zombies suddenly rain down on her from a nearby rooftop.A dirty, naked Force runs down and stumbles onto the road, falling as he cuts his arm. She looks at it and remembers her belief that all lives were equally trivial, that her life and the life of a stranger was nothing to ever be sad about, and that Denji was an exception to that belief. A wounded, bleeding Force screams that Denji can't die and crawls towards the alley, dragging the chainsaw man with him, the zombies dead behind her. The Force slowly approaches the container, crawling inside as it realizes the reason it cares about Denji's life; Because he was her first boyfriend.The human Denji and the devil Power are shown in a dumpster together, with Denji lying in the trash while Power sits on top of him, the latter happily shouting his name before hugging him. Power tells Denji that she was there to save him, to which Denji replies that he's fine and doesn't need saving because he's already fulfilled all his dreams and that his life with Power was like a dream compared to his. time with the Yakuza. He tells her again that he was fine and that nothing good will ever happen in his life again and that she won't be a part of it.Power yells at Denji, calling him a dummy and asking if he really misses him so much that he can't do anything. He says yes, and Power calls him crazy for wanting to do that. She goes on to tell him that devils went to hell after they died on Earth, and that when she dies, she won't be herself anymore. She tells him that they would most likely be enemies if they ever met again, and that despite that, he has to find it and befriend it to turn it back into her so they can be friends again. Power makes a deal with Denji and gives him his blood in exchange for finding the blood devil again.Denji wakes up in a dumpster, straightens up as he screams for the Force, and is left in shock as he stands up to his hips in the trash. He bends down, clutching his heart as he thinks of her, his mourning is interrupted when Kishibe calls out to him, the demon hunter revealed to be sitting next to a trash can as Denji turns to look at him. Kishibe asks him if he was either Denji or the Chainsaw Devil, and says that if he really was Denji, he would help give him some way to escape from Makima. Denji is silent for a moment before showing Kishibe the "V" sign.