Chainsaw Man Manga Chapter 51 : Dark Diving

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Reze lashes out at Denji with a small blast, exploding his right arm and igniting him with fire. Exasperated, Reze approaches and asks him to accept death. She remarks that she has nowhere else to run, with Denji pointing out that the ocean is behind them and reminding her that she taught him to swim.She sends another blow to his other arm. As the smoke cleared, it was revealed that Denji had managed to keep his arm attached to his torso by placing a chain between his shoulder and forearm. Throwing chains at Rez, he manages to wrap her up before jumping into the ocean. Rust cannot explode when wet, it sinks to the bottom.The next morning, he reawakens in his human form, lying next to Denji and an unconscious Beam on a nearby beach. She asks him why he revived her and he replies that he did it for his own happiness because he felt it would haunt him if he had her captured or killed. She reminds him that she could still kill him, to which he playfully replies "If I'm Gonna Die, At Least Let It Be At The Hands Of A Beautiful Woman". Reze starts laughing and tells him that she never liked him and that every flirty interaction she had was part of her plan. As she starts to leave, Denji asks to leave with her and make a run for it. When questioned, he tells her that he really likes her and reminds her that even if all of her comments were lies, she still taught him to swim, suggesting real affection on some level. Reze approaches him before quickly snapping his neck and walking away. As she leaves, she calls Denji and invites her to a cafe that day at noon if she thinks about it, they will run away together. Later that day, Denji packs his bag and heads to the cafe.