Chainsaw Man Manga Chapter 24 : Curse

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Aki draws her sword from its sheath and Power is surprised to see that it resembles a nail more than a blade. Katana Man turns on him, but Aki dodges before readying his blade. As he shouts "Fire!", an off-panel devil is shown swinging a nailhead at Katana Man. A disembodied mouth is then seen that reads the number "3".Katana Man hesitates before swinging again. Aki dodges once more, shouts "Fire" once more and stabs Katana Man. The disembodied voice speaks again and says the number "2". Aki makes a final lunge and stabs Katana Man's stomach as the voice says "1".Katana Man knocks Aki back, showing confusion about Aki's plan. Aki calls the devil to "Finish" him and reveals that he is a cursed devil. As the devil states "0", a massive disembodied hand is shown grabbing Katana Man. He gives a brief expression of shock before being torn limb from limb by a giant skeletal fiend. He falls to the floor unconscious and bleeding profusely.Aki calls Power, who recommends that Himeno see a doctor. Aki is shocked by the use of the gun and his ominous statement regarding the Gun Devil. Suddenly, a young woman appears, commenting on the power of the devil's curse. When Aki asks if he's working with Katana Man, he steps forward and picks him back up.The girl, Sawatari, asks Katana Mano why he lost, to which he sheepishly replies that he failed. He orders him to kill the group quickly, prompting Katana Man to lunge forward at Aki. Before he can react, the Katanas slice through his chest.