Chainsaw Man Manga Chapter 21 : Taste of a Kiss

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Denji starts to panic, desperate to kiss Himeno while not wanting to kiss her in front of Makima. Aki questions Makima about her interest in Denji, but she coldly tells him that they will talk after more drinks. Everyone continues drinking (except Denji, who is underage) until most pass out or pass out. Only Makima seems unaffected by the alcohol.Power starts bragging about his high IQ, constantly lying and increasing his height. Suddenly, Himeno grabs Denji from behind and kisses him deeply. Denji is concerned that Makima is watching him, but begins to focus on the heat in his mouth. Himeno takes his tongue first before stepping back to find her throwing up in his mouth. Each table reacts differently, and Power worriedly states that Denji's childhood malnutrition means he would swallow anything for nutrients. Immediately, just as she predicted, Denji swallows vomit.A flashback shows Denji and Pochita scavenging for food in a dumpster. He sees a group of rats feasting on a pile of vomit, which Denji scoffs at, not believing any creature could stoop so low.Back at the restaurant, Arai is comforting Denji in the toilet stall as Denji throws up in the toilet. Arai noticed the upset look on his face and told him how jealous he was of his devil hunting ability. Annoyed, Denji points out that he still has vomit in his mouth from the first kiss, asking what exactly he's jealous of, which makes Arai laugh.The whole group leaves the restaurant. Makima asks where Denji is and Fushi says he left with Himeno on his back. Moments later, in a different location, Denji wakes up in bed and asks for water. A still drunk Himeno appears and kisses him again, revealing that they are in her apartment. He complains to him, asking what he and Aki see in Makima, calling her a whore. As she lays down next to Denji, she leans in and asks if he wants to have sex.