Chainsaw Man Manga Chapter 12 : Squeeze

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Power tells Denji that he will get three squeezes: one for saving Meowy, one for killing the Bat Devil, and one for protecting him from the node. She reveals that she wouldn't let him touch her, but changed her mind to repay him for his efforts.Denji presses for the first time but feels something is wrong and then sees something fall to the ground. Power explains that it's her breast pads that make her chest bigger. Denji is a little shocked, but continues with a second and third press, leaving him speechless. Power tells Denji that he's lucky to have touched something so nice and that he doesn't need to be a devil hunter anymore since Meowy is safe now, but since he can't escape Makima, he'll help him with his work.Denji feels disappointed and empty. He takes care of some paperwork with Makima, who notices that something is wrong with him. He reveals that he finally achieved his dream, but it was disappointing. Denji now wonders if he'll feel disappointed about the other dreams he's fulfilled, and if he'd be happier just fulfilling them. Makima asks him what he's talking about and Denji reveals that the first breast he touched was no big deal. Makima then takes his hand and explains that she believes naughty things feel better the more you know your partner. As he explains, she touches her hands, making him touch her ear, she bites his finger and puts his hand on her chest. Denji then turns red and falls down. Makima approaches him and asks him for a favor, Denji to defeat the Gun Devil. He explains that the devil appeared 13 years ago and his location is unknown. He is a powerful devil that all the Devil Hunters want to kill, but she believes that Denji is special and that he could do it. Makima tells Denji that if he kills the Gun Devil, he will grant him any wish.