Chainsaw Man Manga Chapter 11 : Compromise

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Denji wakes up in a hospital bed to see Aki Hayakawa peeling an apple. She tells him that they found his arm and that it rejoined when he received a blood transfusion, also commenting that Denji is really like the devil. Denji responds by telling him that he was talking to the devil himself. Aki states that this is how Devil Hunters fight, by making pacts with demons. Aki states that she has a contract with the Fox Devil, exchanging part of her body for the Fox's power. This time he fed him some of his skin.Aki says that devils always want people dead, same goes for demons. Denji responds by stating that Power is a good devil. Aki states that they caught Power and Denji leaving the patrol area and that they also found Denji's blood in what they believe to be the Bat Devils hideout. She asks him why he still sympathizes even though she tried to kill him.Aki then tells Denji that if he investigates further, he will let Denji and Power beat him. But since there were no casualties, he overlooked the incident on the condition that Denji obey Aki's orders. Denji agrees. Aki then leaves the room.Outside the room, the Force is handcuffed to Himeno. Power maintains that she is innocent and demands that she be released from the handcuffs. Himeno questions if it's wise to free her because if she kills someone, it would be on Aki. He frees her and says that the Devil Hunters should use all the tools at their disposal, and also tells her that he has no intention of befriending a devil.Later, Power is seen entering Aki and Denji's apartment. Aki calls out to Makima and asks why, and she replies that she trusts him more than anyone else, causing Aki to blush and agree. After the call, Power is seen visibly disgusted by the vegetables on her food. Both Denji and Aki yell at her for throwing away the vegetables. After eating, Power says he rarely bathes and rarely flushes poop, laughing at them for being so sensitive. Denji then has to clean the toilet himself because of Power. She enters the bathroom and tells an angry Denji that she will now let him touch her chest. This causes Denji to have a change in emotions and call Power an angel.