Chainsaw Man Flashback Reveals One of Its Most Evil Characters

Chainsaw Man Flashback Reveals One of Its Most Evil Characters     stone-ocean

 The Chainsaw Man anime may be on hiatus, but the gory manga series is still releasing new chapters today. With the second part of the story from creator Tatsuki Fujimoto putting Denji on the sidelines and focusing on the War Devil, we learned a lot about Asa Mitaka's life in a short amount of time. While War Devil may be backing her up, she's currently facing a terrifying new Devil with a new flashback that will introduce fans to what may very well be the most sinister character in the series.


Like many ordinary people in this world of the Chainsaw Man manga, Asa Mitaka was adversely affected by supernatural forces that helped spawn such people as the Chainsaw Devil, Power the Blood Fiend, and many others. As Asa runs away from a terrifying looking "Falling Devil" who apparently derives his power from people's fear of falling, we are given a glimpse into the current War Devil's earlier days at the orphanage.

After losing her mother at the hands of a rampaging devil, Asa lives with other children who were orphaned by the devil's attacks. In the previous chapters of Chainsaw Man, we were introduced to the fact that large parts of the human population would lose their lives to the devils, creating quite a few orphans in the process. Asa's new caretaker notices that Mitaka has befriended a cat named Crambon, which she explains is not an exciting idea.

"All the orphans here, the devils killed their parents. Mine too. My mom was killed by that recent typhoon devil, but you know, they can still laugh and play outside because they've become a family here. Your cat is the only cat here. No." Do you think he would be happier living at my friend's house with other cats?"


When Asa refused to give up Crambon, another orphan informed the would-be war fiend later that night that she had spotted the unfortunate cat at the bottom of the river. When Asa tries to find out if her cat is okay, she's met with a harsh reality thanks to the "house mom," as the most evil character in Chainsaw history explains: “Everybody here lost their family. You can't just be alone with a family member. Isn't that unfair?"