Chainsaw Man Fans Spot a Wild Detail in Denji's Home

Chainsaw Man Fans Spot a Wild Detail in Denji's Home     chainsaw-man-2

 The anime adaptation of Chainsaw Man became one of the biggest new series of last year, bringing countless new fans to the tragic story of Denji and the world plagued by cannibals that continue to roam the streets of creator Tatsuki Fujimoto's Shonen universe. While a second season from Studio MAPPA has yet to be confirmed at this point, the gory manga that started it all continues to churn out new chapters as Denji finds himself in a tricky relationship that has given fans an interesting look into his new life.

After Makima's betrayal and her death, a character known as Nayuta was born, with Denji taking on her upbringing despite Control Devil killing Power the Blood Fiend, along with several other Chainsaw Devil friends. Asa Mitaka is still trying to turn Denji into a weapon so she can get revenge on the chainsaw man using her war fiend powers, and the two form a relationship that seems to fuel Makima's reincarnation, hinting at a disastrous scenario to come.

Chainsaw Farting Contest


Twitter user Denji Unleashed noticed that in the latest chapter of the gory manga series, Denji and Nayuta apparently engaged in a "fart contest" with each other, as the two devils went so far as to document the number of farts. had during the month of March:

Recently, Denji has proven that he hasn't changed that much since his earlier days on the show, he's still a lovable goof trying to get into a relationship while trying to gain notoriety by revealing his identity at every opportunity. If these current events were to make it into an anime adaptation, we'd imagine it would be quite a while before we see them on the small screen, considering the amount of backstory we've covered.